This year, I hope to arrange for low cost accommodation at the same hotel for all delegates who have not made other arrangements. VERY limited crash space may be available in extremis. Ask! By far the cheapest way to arrange accommodation if you are coming on your own is do what the Scandinavian and German contingent did last year, and meet up at an airport and rent a car, then share rooms. To sort out these things i strongly advise you to sign up for the con first, by mailing £8 to and I will then know you are coming and sign you up to the mailing list, where these things can be arranged easily!

Premier Travel Inn Central or West [Edit]

A good location would be the Premier Travel Inn West, which is 1.6 miles from the city centre, and about 0.75 miles from the (likely) venue. It has excellent car parking, is opposite a large Sainsburys supermarket and easy walking distance to a MacDonald's, and has a nice pub/restaurant (Beefeater) attached. Prices are not the lowest in town - a twin room is £58 per night, which is ideal for two people sharing, as it's only £29 each.

You can book online, be sure to specify a twin room not a double. You will probably want to book for Friday August 15th and Saturday August 16th, making the total accommodation price £58 (based on two people sharing.)

Note my description above is of the Cheltenham West Premier Travel Lodge. Most people it seems have booked in to Cheltenham Central Premier Travel Lodge, same distance, but in a leafy suburb near a TFI Fridays and the Park Campus of the university. Wherever you end up our friendly staff will help you get around - and hopefully many will be in the same hotel!

However, a new Holiday Inn is very tempting... [Edit]

However, rather irritatingly a new and cheap hotel (Holiday Inn) has opened right between the two venues (for those who came last year between FCH (the college campus), Normal Terrace and the Cotswolds, just by North Place car park. Yes that convenient! It was at the time I wrote this page not even built,but has just opened I think (or is about to - signs have just gone up) and you can book here (the second option, 2 Dunalley Parade, Cheltenham)--
Just to reiterate it's the second hotel, at 2 Dunalley Parade, Cheltenham.
Now if a lot of folks are already booked in the other hotel, you might want to go for that - but if your budget and desire to be 2 minutes from CJ at all times comes higher, you might want to consider this option! is actually quite deceiving. The address may be 2 Dunalley Parade but it goes right through to the Swindon Road where the entrance is, visible from both the end of Normal Terrace and the Cotswolds. Bah! If only it had been announced a few months earlier that they were opening it here...

Travelodge [Edit]

If cost is a factor and you are willing to walk two miles, why not save some money? Cheltenham Travelodge has rooms available at £55 a night per room, so both nights will cost you £36 (based on three sharing). It's motel accommodation but OK I believe. » Booking
NB - Doubles there are currently available at £39.

For about the same price, and slightly cheaper if you want a single room, there are some absolutely lovely hotels and bed and breakfasts in Cheltenham. Do ask if you would like further assistance.

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