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Never argue with a Quaesitor!

Sadly former Guest of Honour Erik Dahl will not be able to attend GT2008, but the good news is that he is planning a Grand Tribunal in California! Here is the summary:

Salvete sodales,

To complement CJ's excellent Grand Tribunal convention held in Cheltenham, UK, I am organizing a Regional Tribunal event in Berkeley, California the same weekend! This is an entirely Ars Magica focused gaming convention in Berkeley, California which will be held this summer. The dates are: Friday, August 15 through Sunday August 17. We will have games of Ars Magica and Grand Tribunal running all weekend, lots of Ars Magica authors and guests of honor signing books and discussing Ars Magica past and present, and a charity prize raffle. I am also hoping to link up with the fine folks at the Grand Tribunal in the UK via webcam.

The event will be held at the UC Berkeley dormitories. Food and lodgings for the entire weekend, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, will cost each attendee $200 for a shared double room, or $250 for a single. This also includes a ticket in the prize raffle. Early registrants (whose payment I receive before March 7) will only need to pay only $150 for a shared room, or $200 for a single. I prefer payment through PayPal at this email address (eriktdahl at gmail dot com), or you can also write me to ask where to send a check.

I can also accommodate a small number of attendees who do not want to stay on site, perhaps because they live in the Bay Area and will simply go home at night. However, 80% of our total number of guests must stay on site, which means I won't know how many spots I have until I know how many attendees have reserved rooms. If you are interested in this, let me know and I will put you on the waiting list and get back to you (first-come, first-served) when I know how much it will cost and how many outsiders I can bring.

I hope to see many of you there!

Erik Dahl

UPDATE: It appears we will be joined by Guests of Honor Niall Christie and John Post!

UPDATE (July 29, 2008):

I have learned that I can accommodate as many people staying on site
with guest passes. Currently, that's 11 people, and I'm going to my
waiting list first, but there's still a few spots. It's very short
notice, I know, sorry. Listed below are all the things for which I
will need a response in order to include you, if you decide to join
us, so please get back to me before this Friday, August 1.

For a guest pass, I'm asking $25 per person for the entire weekend, to
help cover the cost of the room I've rented. You can pay me when you
arrive, or you can send it to me in advance via PayPal. In addition,
we're all having meals together in the dining commons, so if you'd
like to join us for any of them you'll need to purchase a meal card.
Breakfast is $8.25, lunch is $10.50, and dinner is $12.25. I will have
these available for you to buy on the day, and again you can purchase
them from me in advance.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, or to respond to
any of the above, please do not hesitate to write to me. I look
forward to seeing you soon!

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