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1st September Grand tribunal 2009 announced.

Neil Taylor and Sheila Thomas are pleased to announce that Constitution - - the 2009 British Roleplaying Society convention, to be held at New Hall College, Cambridge, from July 31st-august 2nd 2009 - will host Grand Tribunal 2009!

11th August T-shirt announced.

CJ tells us:
The T shirt is a long sleeved quality black shirt featuring a full colour design, bearing the words "Grand Tribunal 2008", an atlas games logo, and a full size piece of artwork by Angela Taylor as front panel....


The t-shirts will be available on Friday, though I will probably have to pick them up on Saturday morning.

Each shirt raises £2.01 for the con, so the final price is £15 a shirt... it does have LOTS of colours.

Sizes available are Med, Large, XL, XXL (which is pretty big!)

6th August From my post

I just think I ought to publicly acknowledge the many kindnesses of Atlas Games. I always like to say the good about folks - we have so many opportunities to say the bad on this forum. I do love those threads though!

Still, here's to Atlas! They have always paid me on time (a rarity in my experience as a writer) and on one occasion well in advance to help with a move, have been invariably kind and friendly, and this morning have made my day.

I'm running a small Ars Magica/Atlas Games convention here in Cheltenham, UK August 15th -16th (Erik's running the uS version in California). See my signature if interested.

Anyway Atlas don't do con support outside the USA normally, and we are way too small to be worthwhile, and all hard core fans anyway. Yet this morning a box arrived from John Nephew filled with rarities - t shirts, posters, 3 copies of Mythic Perspectives (long OOP), etc, etc. Furthermore there were not one but six Atlas board and card games I think in there too! Now that is a LOT of stock, and a lot of potential sales on ebay.

Given the Nephews have also granted us a one off right to do a t-shirt for the event, and refused all proceeds, they are being beyond generous really. They are a very small operation, who look after their staff well, and if even WW treated m like this I would be impressed - but for a tiny company to do it is outstanding.

All the stuff donated will be raffled at the event, along with contributions from everyone attending, original artworks, and Line Editor David Chart (guest of honour UK event) if we can subdue him using only the 4th ed combat rules, and as last year all proceeds go to charity.

So here is to Atlas Games, the good guys of the rpg business - to John & Michelle, and to David as well, and to all the authors who in real life are quite tame - such a change form the Bezerklist. Next time you have a moment and a few quid, think about supporting Atlas.

I'm off to drool over the Feng Shui T shirt! :)

cj x

4th August : Andrew P Smith well known Ars author joins the Special Guests. We look forward to seeing him at his first Grand Tribunal!

Previous News [Edit]

4th February. Special Guest David Chart has confirmed attendance, all the way from Japan. I think we will all be interested to hear his uniquely knowledgeable perspective on the development and future of the Ars Magica line.

10th February. Many thanks to the excellent Pitt Murmann for creating us a wiki again this year. Please add it to your book marks.

12th February. I create a news page (this one in fact) and update the Schedule page where you can plan your gaming. I add confirmed Attendants for those who wish to be listed as coming. As people pay I shall add them. :)


13th February OK, Accomodation page updated now. We are making progress. I have been talking to venues all day on and off.
Mark Lawford, another ''Ars ''author joins our Special Guests for the panel discussion.
The Freeform House of the Four Doors added.
Mark Shirley, Ars author joins our special guests.
Update on Grand Tribunal-California added.
Apology - from CJ - infuriatingly my email was down for several hours today. If you emailed me and received a bounce, please try again now. My apologies.

14th February Updates to most pages... We also get a mention in the Atlas Games blog

16th February - I will be away working for the next 48 hours, so will not be around to respond to email. Will try and catch up Sunday night

17th February - Michelle Nephew has sent me a wonderful introduction for this years programme.

18th February - the location for Friday night pub social is confirmed as the basement bar of The Cotswold, Portland Street, Cheltenham as last year. This is now booked. Further details on the location and parking can be found on the Schedule page.

2nd March- have added a number of new attendants. Also we have a new essay which will feature in the pro gramme - but you can preview it here! PR Chase has written especially for Grand Tribunal a fascinating essay on Grand Tribunal-The Board Game - but you can check it out right now! We are very grateful for this - should be a good pro gramme this year!

4th March - lots more updated on Grand Tribunal-California. Welcome to the Californians! :)
And just in case anyone missed the sad news, E.Gary Gygax died today. Rest in peace, Gary Gygax, father of the rpg industry.

21st March - CJ recovering from back injury - bad enough to put me on morphine briefly. Happy Easter everyone!

1st April - A slight change of theme is now planned. Grand Tribunal 2008 is to be renamed Bunnycon II, and exclusively dedicated to Games of Live Action Bunnies and Burrows. Bunny suits are of course compulsory, and I trust everyone will enjoy the exquisite carrot barbeque.

2nd April Thanks to the handful of you who responded to my little April Fool's joke about Bunnycon! Normal service is now resumed, and welcome to our newest delegates Andrew Sceats and Kirstie Sceats! We now have twenty advance bookings, which bodes well, given that most people signed up last year in the last two weeks!

update: Yannick Loitière has just signed up, bringing the total to 21 booked already!

7th April Accommodation pages updated. I will be sending out a request for games and events in the next few days...

18th April Camo Coffey will be attending the Tribunal! Welcome to our newest delegate.

18th June' I'm delighted to say my email problems appear to be resolved. Apologies to anyone who wrote and received no reply, please write again

23rd June Mark Lawford page finally created - sorry Mark! Grand Tribunal T-shirts will be available - details will follow...

25th June CJ email down again owing to server problems at blueyonder. CJ not amused. Please us if you need to contact me until further notice.

26th June : A RSS feed for Grand Tribunal has been set up. You may subscribe via this link.Also one of last years special guests Matt Ryan will be flying over from New York again, and bringing company! Fantastic news!

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