Nick Meredith


Nick's been a gamer now for thirty years, starting with old 'Black Box' Traveller played on the steps of the Royal Albert Hall in London. He found his way to Ars Magica through LARP, playing in the NWO series of 100+ player freeform / LARP crossover events. Since then he's played in a variety of Ars games, mainly under 4th and 5th edition, and including a co-operative web-based game hosted from Japan.

He now runs a regular weekly ArM5 saga (see website), set in Armenia, placed in the Levant Tribunal. The saga has progressed through about three years so far, and is beginning to get interesting. A May 2007 holiday was spent in Armenia, mainly so as to visit and photograph some of the locations (see pictures) used in the game.

Nick attended GT 2007, and enjoyed it so much that he has decided to return to the comforts of a hotel in summertime Cheltenham, rather than curling up on a park bench in the winter. As an amateur historian he's more than willing to act as a guide to any overseas visitors to GT2008 who feel like visiting any historical sites in that part of Britain while they're in the country.

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