Simon White

Simon has been a gamer for 15 years, though originally restricted to miniature and war games, the last few years have seen an acceptance of role playing games as well. He got into Ars Magica on a whim, deciding he liked the description on and bought a copy of the core (5th ed).
Loving the idea very much, he quickly assembled a group of willing players from his society (University of Nottingham Roleplaying and Wargames Society, UoN RPGSoc). Doing a PhD at UoN, he's kept sane by roleplaying and other hobbies.

Simon runs a weekly (during term time) saga (see website) which is sadly going to end before its time, he'll be running something at the Grand Tribunal - just no idea what yet.

Simon goes by the name mintroll on all forum and mailing lists, there's a reason, but it's not important right now.

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